“AFRICA CHALLENGE” is a sports performance test which measures fitness talents of the participants through 7 specific events. First event was implemented in the both of Uganda and Japan in December 2021 and participants competed beyond the countries, age and gender. We hope this event provides opportunities that people all over the world interacts each other thorough real-time online test, introductions of participated countries’ cultures.

We wait for your challenges.

SOLTILO Bright Stars FC (Uganda Professional Football Club) players participate in the AFRICA CHALLENGE

A list of events held are listed as below:

December 18-19, 2021AFRICA CHALLENGE @ Futsal Festa 2021
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Kobe, Hyogo Pref.,
Kampala @ Uganda
March 6, 2022Nigerian Athlete International Student Athletic Ability Measurement Meeting @ Nigeria HouseOyama, Tochigi Pref.
March 9, 2022Senegal Youth Athletic Ability Measurement Meeting @ Senegal
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Thiés @ Senegal
April 23-24, 2022AFRICA CHALLENGE @ JOCV Festival 2022Kobe, Hyogo Pref.,
Lilongwe @ Malawi
June 2, 2022AFRICA CHALLENGE @ Y.S.C.C. Cup Yokohama Port Opening Commemorative Soccer TournamentYokohama, Kanagawa Pref.
June 5, 2022AFRICA CHALLENGE @ Africa with LocalItami, Hyogo Pref.
July 17, 2022AFRICA CHALLENGE @ African Festa in NumazuNumazu City, Shizuoka Pref.
August 10, 2022AFRICA CHALLENGE @ Green Arena Kobe Cup U-18 Futsal FestivalKobe, Hyogo Pref.
September 4, 2022AFRICA CHALLENGE @ 2nd SPORICA FESOsaka, Osaka Pref.
September 16, 2022AFRICA CHALLENGE @ SPORTS DAY in UNZALusaka @ Zambia

World rankings of “AFRICA CHALLENGE” is updated in categories.
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*High school (Secondary school) students and above.

1. Pro-Agility Test (10M) (Agility)



RANK Record Name Country Age Date
4.72 sec TAIKI F. 15 2022/08/10
4.75 sec TAIYO T. 18 2022/08/10
4.86 sec NELSON
(professional football player)
24 2021/12/13
4 4.89 sec KACANCU
(professional football player)
5 4.89 sec RINTARO K. 20 2021/12/18
RANK Record Name Country Age Date
5.28 sec MIKI K. 21 2022/09/04
5.41 sec AYUMI I. 24 2022/09/04
5.62 sec SAYAKA T. 25 2021/12/19
4 5.63 sec KYOKA T. 23 2021/12/18
5 5.63 sec SAYA Y. 18 2021/12/18

2. Flexibility Testing (Flexibility)

RANK Record Name Country Age Date
74.0 cm SHUN T.