"CHEZA" means "play" in Swahili which is widely used in East Africa.

We, CHEZA work for the future of youth in Africa and Japan through the provision of education and sports opportunities. Solving social challenges such as improvement of educational environment, and working environment in local communities are our targets.

We wish the great talents of young athletes who are unable to break through due to poverty or living conditions will bloom fully. Be a bridge between Africa and Japan through the power of “SPORTS” and “EDUCATION”.

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CHEZA works on the following projects in both Africa and Japan;


1) Seminars
(for organizations and research institutes including universities)
2) Online GIS training
3) Programs for educational organizations
(Especially for primary, junior high and high schools)


(Operations for “English” x ”Sports” Academy for kids)
(Development of physical fitness test program and the implementation)
3) East Africa Sports Academy Project
(Co-working project with the TIAS 2.0, University of Tsukuba)


1) Support of oversea expansion for private firms in Japan
2) Consulting works for the JICA and domestic administrations


Signed on a Partnership Agreement with SGI in Rwanda

We have signed a partnership agreement with Sports Genix International (SGI) in Rwanda. Under this partnership, we and SGI will collaborate in the promotion of sports in Rwanda (exchange of sports personnel and development of sports infrastructure), training of young athletes, and exchange programs between SGI Sports Academy and the GLORTS ACADEMY operated by our […]

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A lecture on GIS was held at the University of Rwanda

Our expert is engaged in technology transfer for the “Urban Transport Improvement Project in Kigali City, Rwanda” ordered by the Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA).On 29th November 2023, our expert delivered a special lecture at the University of Rwanda to the university students and staff of related organizations. More than 30 university students from the […]

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Visit to SGI Sports Academy based in Rwanda

Our co-representative visited SGI Sports Academy in Kigali, the capital city of Rwanda to observe lessons at the academy and donated shinai (bamboo swords) on 24th September 2023. SGI Sports Academy is a sports academy that provides instructions for karate, basketball, and football for children between the ages of 4 and 17. The Academy is […]

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Technical transfer to Rwanda Government is ongoing through JICA project

CHEZA dispatched an expert for a technology transferring project, the “Urban Transport Improvement Project in Kigali City, Rwanda” which was ordered by the Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA).In the project, our expert provided know-how on promoting TOD (Transit-Oriented Development), the introduction of Integrated GIS (GIS for smooth information sharing among related organizations), and practical guidance […]

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The new fiscal year for the GLORTS ACADEMY starts in April with 4 schools!

GLORTS ACADEMY, an English x sports school for children operated by CHEZA, will start a new term in April 2023. In addition to the existing Okamoto school, Konan-Yamate school, and Green Arena venue, lessons will be started at the Rokko Island site from this fiscal year!GLORTS ACADEMY provides a sports instruction program in English with […]

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