Signed on a Partnership Agreement with SGI in Rwanda

Signed on a Partnership Agreement with SGI in Rwanda

We have signed a partnership agreement with Sports Genix International (SGI) in Rwanda.

Under this partnership, we and SGI will collaborate in the promotion of sports in Rwanda (exchange of sports personnel and development of sports infrastructure), training of young athletes, and exchange programs between SGI Sports Academy and the GLORTS ACADEMY operated by our company. SGI Sports Academy and our company’s GLORTS ACADEMY.
SGI is a private company engaged in the operation of SGI Sports Academy, the largest sports academy in the country, the planning and operation of sports events, and other sports promotion projects. Mr. Guy, founder and CEO of SGI, is a good friend of our co-chairs and has long been involved in the development of the sports industry in the country from a public and private perspective, making efforts to nurture young athletes and improve the sports environment. The two companies’ vision of “acting for the next generation of human resources through sports” coincided and led to this partnership.
Based on this partnership, CHEZA will develop new businesses, and we are determined to report them to you once again.
We look forward to your continued interest in and warm support for our business.

Co-Chairpersons: Masaaki Hanai and Tomoko Amemiya

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